Enterprise Resource Management

Our resource placement competence has excellent human resource and/or human resource placement experience. We use our expertise as well as our network of local and national contacts to fit the right human resources for our clients, whether permanent, temporary or contracting. For contract positions we also offer a full payroll service and take care of all tax requirements.

“We keep our clients’ satisfaction our first priority”

Our value proposition includes the following for our clients:

We have a large database of candidates for contracting and permanent placements.
We have dedicated internal resources and an extensive alliance network.
We understand our clients’ cultures and are proud of having excellent relationships with all our        clients.
Upon request we can use proven tools and applications to test the behaviour of candidates and      improve the probability for a perfect fit and high level performance in your organisation.

We have certain unique and specialised focus areas:

SAP and Oracle Consultants.
Management and Operations Consultants.
Financial Resources.
Project and Programme Management Resources.
Project Administrators.
Information Technology Resources and Analysts.
Business Intelligence and Marketing Resources.
Data/Call Centre Staff.

We will gladly assist you with all your recruitment requirements, from concept to completion. 


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