Business Support and Service

We provide quality specialised project resources, consulting and business support services to our customers.

Business Processes

CapCircle provide process services from defining new processes to optimizing existing processes within your business.

Programme & Project Management

CapCircle has a vast network and access to specialised project resources and have managed some of the largest programmes for corporate customers in South Africa. We also provide affordable project management for medium sized businessss.

Enterprise Resource Management

We provide specialised SAP and Oracle resources for complex corporate programmes.

Programme and Project Management

Our Philosophy

Project and Programme management offices in most organisations, are somewhat of an enigma. Everybody always agree that it’s required, nobody knows exactly what it’s suppose to do and often those it serve are disappointed that it does not live up to expectations. It creates loads of work and does not provide the consolidated information executives require. Our philosophy towards a Programme Management Office is founded on three principles:

Current Business Objectives
Accountability with Authority
Administrative Capacity

The triple constraint of any project always consists of the following. Our programme and project management specialists are highly focused on the following best practice principles:

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All stakeholders have to share a common set of objectives. The ultimate goal of a project or series of projects (programme) must be defined, and articulated in a clear concise format for all to understand. In addition, all must agree on any interdependencies and targeted timeframe.

Accountability for achieving the programme objectives and each of the project objectives must be clear. Those accountable have to be empowered to make the decisions required to ensure successful delivery.
Administration is often the single element that compromises an effective PMO. If done manual, the administration required to document projects, provide status reports, maintain risk and issue logs can be daunting and require a substantial team. To maintain consolidated documentation for status reports, interdependencies and risks on a programme level, becomes impossible for complex organisations even with a properly staffed PMO.

The utilisation of project management software, offering rich functionality and a large degree of flexibility complicates matters further. Project managers often do not fully understand how to use the technology and those that are proficient does not use it in a standardised way. The result is fragmented project plans that do not provide a consolidated view essential for a proper PMO.
The software selected and the way it is implemented is critical to address the administrative burden that could compromise your PMO. More functionality is not necessarily a good thing.