Business Support and Service

We provide quality specialised project resources, consulting and business support services to our customers.

Business Processes

CapCircle provide process services from defining new processes to optimizing existing processes within your business.

Programme & Project Management

CapCircle has a vast network and access to specialised project resources and have managed some of the largest programmes for corporate customers in South Africa. We also provide affordable project management for medium sized businessss.

Enterprise Resource Management

We provide specialised SAP and Oracle resources for complex corporate programmes.

Business Partners

CapCircle is associated with the following business partners and alliances. Our aim is to provide our clients with encompassing services through specialised skills and expertise.

So, whatever your business interests, we can prove ourselves a fitting partner in our ability to bring the right people together within our network of partners.


Tracer Mobile Workforce is the next generation. Distributed workforces are a reality for businesses these days and the principles that apply to keeping sales staff productive and informed are a reality for every other member of your staff and workflow network.






Dodici focuses on expanding the potential of businesses through the development of their most important asset, their people through:

a. Executive Coaching
b. Middle Management Coaching
c. Group Coaching
d. Mentorship


Accenture is a consulting firm that has three main service lines: management consulting, technology, and outsourcing. MC is typical management consulting – helping business answer tough questions at various level of operations and strategy.
CapCircle has a partnership agreement with Accenture with the aim to support our customers on larger consulting engagements, large scale strategic initiatives and specialized services within certain industries.


Stratsolv is a business consulting company that solves serious business challenges in people optimisation, leadership and organisation culture, strategy implementation, and business process optimization.


GreenWill Solutions focuses on Green Audits and alternative energy solutions for the South African Market. It’s key focus is currently on providing solar solutions and implementations. The partnership in GreenWill has a strong focus on performing audits, especially in the hospitality industry.


A poorly designed or executed business process may result in a poor customer experience. InfiniKey evaluates and maps your current business processes to identify gaps and areas of improvement. InfiniKey designs optimal business and technology solutions to bring about a greater degree of automation and improved efficiencies in the telecommunications, banking, credit & service industries.
Other support services include bookkeeping & accounting services for small businesses; taxation services; and business management services relating to website management and CIPC services.